Walsgrave Hospital
Client: Nightingale Associates
Engineer: Skanska
Architect: N/A
Value: c. £9.5 M


Walsgrave Hospital is one of the largest PFI hospital developments in the UK with a value of £20M. The hospital is a large complex with a number of linked buildings of up to six storeys. The supporting structure is a concrete frame and partnering with the main contractor, Skanska, SIAC designed an off-site manufactured unitised cladding and glazing panel for use on this project.

Manufactured at SIAC's facility at Aston Down in Gloucestershire, the panels were constructed, stored and transported to the Walsgrave site on low loaders. The panels were then craned into position using a unique back-fix procedure which obviated the need for any external access equipment or scaffolding whatsoever. The time saved in off-site fabrication and on site erection was substantial and allowed the project to be completed in approximately 50% of the site time required for a conventional cladding operation.

The close working relationship that SIAC developed with Skanska and its designers allowed our system 'Structurclad' to be developed, manufactured and completed for the project.

SIAC was also responsible for traditional cladding using flat architectural wall paneling, curtain walling and windows on the project.