Innishnee Bridge Replacement
Client: Galway County Council
Engineer: Ryan Hanley
Architect: N/A
Value: c. €2M
Period: June 2000 - July 2001


  • Demolition of existing bridge structure, spanning tidal channel
  • Demolition of existing masonry causeways linking mainland to bridge and bridge to island, in tidal channel; tidal range 5.0m
  • Removal of rock 3.5m below low water level in tidal channel
  • Dredging of tidal channel
  • Construction of bridge piers and abutments in temporary sheet piled cofferdams in tidal channel
  • Construction of temporary causeway across tidal channel
  • Construction of rock armour protected causeway
  • Construction of three span superstructure using pre-cast pre-stressed beams and in-situ deck over tidal channel
  • Construction of approach road, of embankments and realignment of causeway
  • New aligned road construction