Doncaster Lakeside Sport Complex. Doncaster Rovers Football Club, Doncaster
Client: Doncaster Borough Council
Engineer: WSP Newcastle
Architect: N/A
Value: c. €3.6M
Period: January 2006 - September 2006


  • 15,000 all seated fully roofed multi purpose sports stadium
  • 1500 Te of steel erected as the main frame of the stadium.
  • All precast terrace unity, lift shafts, stairs, tunnels, walkways and flooring erected by SIAC.
  • Roof construction large tapered cellular cantilever rafters.
  • Project construction using 2 crews working from both east and west stands in opposite directions around the stadium bowl.
  • Floodlight masts erected at corner of the roof.
  • Project completed on program.