SIAC Butlers Steel's Intumescent Paint Shop, Portarlington

Intumescent Painting

Intumescent coatings are paint-like substances which are inert at low temperatures, but which provide insulation by swelling to present a charred layer of low conductivity material at temperatures of approximately 200-250°C . At these temperatures, the properties of steel will not be affected.

We can now offer clients the benefit of 'off-site' intumescent painting where the humidity, application and curing conditions are carefully controlled to give a quality finish that is certifiable for delivery to site. The 2500m2 facility has a capacity of 250te. per week providing 30min, 60min, 90min and 120min fire protection which adheres to the standards required by FIRAS certified inspectors.

Off-site application offers the advantages of a controlled environment for application and avoids site disruption and associated costs, delays and safety implications arising from additional trades and activities on site.

Our intumescent painting facility in Portarlington is subjected to stringent quality control procedures, which enables SIAC Butlers Steel Ltd to deliver products of the highest standards to our clients.