Mahon Point Shopping Centre, Cork

Twin Skin Cladding Systems


SIAC is an approved installer for Tegral twin skin built up systems in Ireland. Twin skin roofing and cladding systems are a popular form of construction consisting of an internal profiled metal liner sheet, a metal spacer system and an external profiled metal weathering sheet. The system is insulated using glass or mineral wool quilt or slab and is built up on site. For maximum flexibility. Tegral also supply a secret fix system (Alu-Seam® and Seam-Loc) and a site-assembled composite system (Trinsul). Tegral’s Twin skin roofing and cladding systems can offer the designer the opportunity to achieve both aesthetic appeal and the required functionality to meet regulatory design standards. Tegral Twin skin systems can also be specified to provide key functional benefits such as fire resistance and acoustic protection - direct advantages not found in other roofing and cladding systems.


  • Certified CLASS B Fragility Constructions
  • Building regulation compliance
  • Non-combustible Insulation ODP Zero and No CO2 Gases
  • Sustainable construction
  • Proven air tightness
  • Superb design flexibility
  • Accredited specification standards
  • Proven components
  • Structural stability: cannot delaminate or breakdown
  • Recyclable system
  • Trained installers