Rainscreening and Associated Metalwork

SIAC specialises in designing and installing Rainscreen façades in a wide range of cladding materials, including aluminium, stainless steel, copper, zinc, timber, granite and other surfaces. These are integrated modular systems with high-performance engineered jointing solutions, offering architects great flexibility with accurate detailing in either flat or curved façades.

A Rainscreen system allows the flow of air into the system ventilating the cavity. This allows any water which penetrates the panel joints to flow down the back of the panels and out at the base.

Rainscreen consists of an outer panel, a cavity and an inner leaf. In driving rain water can find its way into the cavity through the joints in the panels. Most of the water is deflected, but the remainder drains down through the system and is deflected out at the base.

Normally, when Rainscreen is used the internal leaf of the building is constructed in reinforced concrete or concrete block. This means that the Rainscreen is not on the critical path as the building is already sealed. Installation is simple and can proceed at the same time as the internal fit-out.

Rainscreen is a very flexible cladding option which allows the style and shape and colour of the façade to be altered dramatically. Systems can utilise many material types including aluminium, zinc, stone, timber and terracotta. 

Brise Soleil

Brise Soleil is the generic term which refers to any kind of sun baffle or sun screening system. Many systems exist. The most popular involve placing fins or blades at right angles to the façade along its length normally at the slab level between floors, shading the floor beneath during the hottest time of the day.

Other systems cover the entire façade with blades so as to maximise shading.

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