Structurally Bonded Curtain Walling

Glass is structurally bonded to aluminium sub-frames/cassettes in a factory environment. The sub-frames are placed on the curtain wall and connected by means of screws to the nose of the mullions and transoms.

The joints between the glass are wet sealed using silicone over backing rods. Alternatively, flipper gaskets can be used to give dry 'shadow' joints. The effect is a uniform façade with a frameless exterior.

Structurally Clamped Curtain Walling

This is similar to structurally bonded curtain walling, except there is no sub-frame or cassette. Again, there are no pressure plates and caps visible on the exterior. Toggle receivers are fitted and sealed into the edges of the double-glazing units at the factory. Units are then fixed with toggles back to the nose of the curtain wall members and the joints are wet sealed.

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