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SIAC Duracolour users are no longer restricted to the traditional macadam colours of black or red. The attractive colours incorporated in Duracolour, ranging from sandy hues to deep russets, are designed to produce the perfect complementary effect to adjacent architectural features, historic and contemporary sites, or the surrounding environment.

Based upon current Irish and European Standards, with the bitumen replaced with a hydrocarbon synthetic binder, we can design a Duracolour material for lightly trafficked sites and all areas that require a high-performance surface.

Duracolour Coated Chippings

Our Duracolour Coated Chipping can be employed to give conventional hot-rolled asphalt a cost-effective colour demarcation and enhancement as well as increased durability. The aggregate is coated to the desired colour and the chippings are simply rolled into the surface at the time of laying.

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