Pharmaceutical Plant - Elan, Athlone


"SIAC designed, procured and installed all exterior cladding and curtain walling on all but one of the buildings on the site. They performed this work with a very challenging schedule and through some very difficult weather without missing any milestone dates. The quality of their work is first class and their safety record was excellent."
Walt Herleth
Construction Director
Jacobs Lend Lease, Wyeth Medica Ireland Grange Castle Project.

"The works were carried out with great efficiency and all interface problems virtually eliminated with the SIAC in-house expertise of SIAC Butlers Steel, SIAC Architectural, SIAC Roofing and Cladding Division and also with your single point of contact to liaise with and co-ordinate with. The scheduled dates were all kept with both the quality and safety records maintained to the highest standards. We feel that the benefits that SIAC brought to this project, have greatly aided the overall success of this project."
John French
Associate Director
PM Construction Manager, Genzyme Phramacuetical Plant

"Since SIAC's arrival on site their work has been demanding and required specialist skills, bearing in mind the operation was conducted adjacent to a live refinery. The safety file was presented before the project and maintained to very high standards throughout. The group involved maintained a 100% compliance with PPE and supported the philosophy of reporting all incidents regardless of severity. They maintained a positive proactive approach to safety issues at all times."
Tony Thomspon,
Site Manager
NEL Power Auginish CHP Project