In-Situ Concrete Barrier

In-Situ Concrete Barrier

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SIAC is the leading In-Situ Concrete Barrier installer in Ireland and has been at the forefront of concrete barrier installation since its inception in Ireland in 2002. SIAC was the first company to install Concrete Step Barrier in the UK and Ireland and to date has placed in excess of 300 km of Concrete Barrier equating to 100,000 m3 of concrete.

Standard containment for median works would be H2 W2 with a more robust version of H4a available to protect structures and railway sites from heavy traffic encroachment. In conjunction with the correct foundation, the concrete barrier can be modified and used as an earth or water retaining structure while maintaining its original vehicle containment properties.

All barrier placed on public roads complies with EN 1317 testing criteria and is installed under the highest quality controls.