Minister of State for Labour Affairs, Tony Killeen, TD, presents the Safe-T-Cert to SIAC

Management of Health and Safety

It is the policy of SIAC Construction Group that its operations are executed and managed at all times to ensure that the highest standards of health and safety are achieved.

Health and safety is a fundamental and core management responsibility at all levels in the organisation. In addition, the company employs a team of highly competent H&S Advisors who advise management and monitor H&S performance.

The management of health and safety within the SIAC Group is led by the Group Health & Safety Committee, which is chaired by an Executive Director. The purpose of the Committee is to formulate and direct group health and safety policy. The Group Committee is supported by a H&S Advisors Forum, which assists in the co-ordination and promotion of health and safety awareness across the Group.

Each business division has its own Safety Statement and Policy complete with comprehensive H&S management systems.

The Company benchmarks its H&S performance against the best in the industry and recognises the need for continuous improvement.

A comprehensive Group H&S Report is produced annually which details the Group’s H&S performance from the previous year.

In recognition of the company’s health and safety management performance and standards, the company has been granted Safe-T Cert Accreditation (Civil Engineering), as well as many awards from the National Irish Safety Organisation (NISO) and the British Safety Council (BSC).

In recognition of SIAC's commitment to safety, the company is a regular award winner in both Ireland and the UK. Recent achievements include: