Hastings Plaza College, Hastings
Client: Laing O'Rourke
Engineer: Gifford
Architect: TP Bennett LLP
Value: £2.95
Period: March 2008 - September 2008


The project consisted of 4 blocks, each 6 stores, steel framed structures with "Thermadeck" PC planks placed inside of the beam depth, there is also a central atrium and 4 No roof plantrooms. The outline of the structure is designed with blocks to the North, East, South & West leaving a 50m x 20m central atrium which is covered over by box section steel trusses. The North block is directly adjacent to the railway line and erection methods / processes had to take account of the stringent Network Rail requirements.

Erection commenced to each block from ground to 3rd floor, once each blocks was erected to 3rd floor the steelwork erection progressed to the next block whilst the PC "Thermadeck" placement was undertaken to the completed block. Once all 4 clocks had been erected to 3rd floor erection then returned to the initial block and steelwork erection from 3rd to 6th floor was undertaken in the same sequence.

To allow this erection sequence our client Laing O’Rourke placed two tower cranes in agreed positions so that craneage was always made available, however each days work had to be planned with LOR and the PC plank installers.

The initial erection program was 30 weeks and was due to commence 17-03-2008, however due to information flow issues and also site ground works GWS did not commence the site until some 4 weeks later. This later start did however allow GWS to advance their fabrication and whilst time was lost in our commencement date onsite GWS were still able to complete the project on the planned original completion date.

The overall project comprised of 1,750t with some 3,700 pieces. The use of the "Thermadeck" allowed the floor construction to be slim floors and services were kept to a minimum as the heat was pumped around the floors within the planks.