Precast Concrete Casing Yard at Inis Meain, Aran Islands

The Sunday Business Post - Galway

Harbour Development for Inis Meain

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"Staff and operatives make their way to the island by ferry from Rosaveel and by air from Inverin, and are resident of the island," said Marty Healy, Project Manager. "Logistically, it is a very difficult project. All plant and materials, bar aggregates, have been transported to the island by ferry."

Twenty-five tonnes of explosives have been transported to the island through the port of Rosaveel under strick SIAC, Garda and County Council supervision.

"Approximately 35,000 cubic metres of rock have been blasted and excavated form the works . All blasting operations were undertaken under the supervision of a licensed marine mammal observer, to ensure the safety of cetaceans (Whales, dolphins and porpoises) during the blasting operations, which are now complete," said Healy.

A concrete batching plant has been mobilised to the island, and the concrete required for the project - approximately 20,000 cubic metres - will be manufactured on the island using aggregates processed from dredged rock