M3 Clonee - Kells PPP Motorway
Client: NRA and Meath County Council via Eurolink
Engineer: Meathconsult
Value: 500 million euro
Period: April 2007 - June 2010


At a total value in excess of €500M, the M3 motorway was SIAC's largest ever contract in Ireland as well as the biggest road project awarded by the Irish National Roads Authority (NRA).

The project required the construction of 63km of motorway and high-quality dual carriageway together with 61km of associated local county and link roads. There were a total of 59 structures constructed  (35 overbridges, 19 underpasses, 3 river bridges and 2 bridges over railways) together with 39 structural culverts. Two of the river crossings were erected across the River Boyne and the River Blackwater. The former was a post-tensioned deck construction spanning some 250m..Two toll plazas were also built as part of the scheme.

Summary numbers:

  • Total excavation – 5,078,000m3
  • Total fill requirement – 5,733,000m3.
  • Total bituminous material laid – 1,265,000 million tonnes
  • Total area of bridges – 47,000m2
  • Total fencing - 280km  
  • Total drainage pipe work - 196 km
  • Landscaping -150,000 trees and shrubs were planted throughout the entire route.