Millennium Spire
Client: Dublin City Council
Engineer: ARUP
Architect: N/A
Value: c. €5M
Period: April 2002 - February 2003


  • The Spire is 3m in diameter at the base tapering to approx 150mm diameter at the top
  • The top of the Spire is perforated to allow for light diffusion from an internal light source
  • The Spire is held down on a concrete annular plinth in a ring of holding down bolts
  • The plinth is 2.1m high by 1m thick and sits on a 2m deep pile cap
  • There are six 900mm diameter reinforced concrete piles arranged in a circle supporting the pile cap
  • The overturning moment due to wind is resisted by the push pull action on the piles
  • The plinth, pile cap and sump form part of a small underground chamber. Access to the inside of the Spire is gained through the chamber that will house electrical and drainage services in the base of the Spire
  • Ventilation to the inside of the Spire will be natural
  • There is an internal access ladder to the mass damping system near the top of the Spire