Why a Wind System

why a wind system The clearest reason to invest in a wind turbine is that you will be producing green energy and reducing your electricity bill at the same time. And with the announcement of the new tariff structure by the UK government it now makes good commercial sense to invest in a small wind turbine system. Click here for all the benefits of investing

Our Turnkey Solution

turnkey solutions With almost 100 years of experience in the engineering industry there is no one more competent than SIAC to provide the installation of our state of the art wind turbines. We offer a turnkey solution when it comes to small wind systems and we will even help with the planning process. See our Projects  

State of the Art Turbines

State of the Art Turbines

Bergeys are built on 3 strong basics, Simplicity, Reliabilty and Performance.

The Bergey BWC Excel is a rugged and reliable small wind turbine that has been proven in hundreds of installations around the world. The Bergey turbine comes with a 10 year warranty - the longest in the industry. More details See all our products

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