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Bituminous Products

The manufacture and laying of Bituminous Materials is one SIAC’s oldest businesses. Originally the South of Ireland Asphalt Company, from which SIAC is an acronym, the manufacture of Mastic Asphalt was our main business. Since laying our first 'blacktop' road in the 1920s, our business has developed and expanded into Civil Engineering projects, Structural Steel manufacture, Roofing & Cladding, PPPs and Slipform Paving.

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Alongside these businesses, our Asphalt and Bitmac manufacture has been evolving and developing to meet customer requirements. The evidence of this is our Duracolour and StreetPrint range. We can offer clients a pleasing aesthetic finish with the benefits of using a durable, strong, flexible material. See our projects.

We operate a state-of-the art computerised Asphalt Plant at Monastery Road, Clondalkin, Dublin. At our Clondalkin Plant we manufacture and supply both ‘standard’ black and specialised coloured ‘asphalts and macadams’ to current Irish and European Standards.

Today we offer our clients a bituminous surface that combines aesthetic charm with high performance. Key technical support is available from SIAC to advise you on the most suitable bituminous product for your application.

Our specialised paving crews are fully trained in the laying of all bituminous materials.

SIAC is ready to advise you on the product most suitable for your application.

For enquiries contact:
Denis Ryan
Tel: 01 459 3194
Fax: 01 459 2679

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