SIAC has been trading for over a century and has specialised in roofing and cladding. In addition to these key core services SIAC also offer a wide range of additional services.

  • We install and provide Louvers.
  • We install safety systems like hand rails and life lines and also install smoke vents, access hatches.
  • We offer a range of leak detection services with 24 hour call outs if required
  • Advise on roofing and cladding systems and air leakage


Of the numerous ancillaries included in SIAC Roofing & Cladding services, louvres are a regular requirement in the construction of the building envelope. Depending on the function  of the building, louvres can account for a major portion of the companies’ annual turnover.

Louvers are available in various types and there are different blade shapes to choose, from I.E. Vertical blades, Horizontal blades, high performance blades to the basic air vents.

The installation of acoustic louvers has also played a part in SIAC’s vast experience of envelope construction. In partnership with Ireland’s top manufacturers and suppliers QOF, SIAC has completed many high profile projects to a high standard with many years of success.


An added scope to SIAC’s versatility is the companies’ ability to offer the full range of ancillaries on any one project. To this end the full range of door types can be included and this can vary from the basic personnel door to section doors, rollers and sectional doors, revolving doors and steel doors. Included in our wide experience with doors SIAC has installed ESB doors to various CUB buildings and substations.

Smoke Vents and Access Hatches

With the various range of roof finishes available, SIAC Roofing & Cladding over the years has installed and fitted many different types of smoke vents and access hatches. Our experience in this field is paramount to our success in the installation of these units to a high standard with many years of trouble free service.

Safety Fall Arrest Systems

The introduction of health and safety in the work place made the requirement to have completed roofs safe and accident free locations. This has introduced the compulsory design of fall protection and edge protection systems.

SIAC has worked with and installed these safety products once their introduction. The full roof shape range of roof finishes are included in our experience with these installations and no type or size is beyond our capabilities.