Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

The Board of SIAC recognises and believes in the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility.
SIAC’s corporate social responsibility commitments are built around four critical areas:


SIAC understands that its construction operations can have a damaging impact upon the environment and, therefore, the Company is committed to minimising the detrimental impact of its activities through an Environmental Policy of preventing pollution, minimising waste and promoting environmental awareness. This policy is implemented via an environmental management system that complies with statutory legislation, industry best practice and ISO 14001.

This policy is well communicated to staff and visible throughout the business from  our promotion and use of sustainable construction methods and materials right down to our ‘lights off’ policy and waste management systems in our offices/on our sites.

Health and Safety

The Board of SIAC acknowledges that safety, health and welfare at work is a primary responsibility of the Company. Accordingly, it is the policy and commitment of SIAC to execute and manage its operations to high standards of safety and health so as to prevent accidents and to protect the health and well being of everyone affected by its operations including employees, contractors and members of the public.

SIAC is committed to a process of continuous improvement in the pursuit of safety and health excellence and accordingly sets appropriate objectives and targets, which are regularly reviewed.

We not only comply with statutory legislation, but also strive to meet industry best practice and recognised standards. We are accredited to the ISO 45001 standard and Safe T Cert (Ireland).


As an organisation we are committed to workplace excellence. We recognise that our employees are our primary resource and have a well-established continuous professional development programme led by our CPD committee to support and develop them. SIAC Construction Ltd is an Engineers Ireland CPD accredited company and on the CIRI register.

We also recognise the value of diversity in the workplace and are proud to be an Equal Opportunities employer.


SIAC is very aware of our place in the local community and has provided jobs in locations around Ireland for over 100 years since our foundation in 1913. We are supportive of local industry and chose local suppliers where possible.

Staff are encouraged to participate in volunteer programmes such as the STEPS initiative with Engineers Ireland, where they can give back to the local community and the company is proud to provide donations locally and provide support to the communities in which we operate through various initiatives