Have you ever wondered how the path, through the African Plains in Dublin Zoo and Fota Wildlife Park in Cork are so bright? Or admired the light coloured tow path along the Grand Canal near Portobello in Dublin? Or ever wondered how the cycle path you are using is red or green as they are in Dublin’s Phoenix Park? Well SIAC Duracolour is the answer. It probably never occurred to you before, but they are all asphalt surfacings. 

Recent advancements in asphalt and bitumen technologies have allowed us to venture above the standard black pavement and embrace everyone’s natural affinity for colour. The SIAC Duracolour allows the designer greater choice in paving surfaces.  

We are fortunate in Ireland; we are endowed with a spectacular variety of geology to which we have a rich source of strong and coloured rock types. This we can use to our advantage when producing our Duracolour range, blending natural aggregates and pigments to create aesthetically sympathetic bituminous pavements. 

The attractive colours incorporated in Duracolour, ranging from sandy hues to deep russets, are designed to produce the perfect complementary effect to adjacent architectural features, historic and contemporary sites, or the surrounding environment. 

Based upon current Irish and European Standards whilst utilising a ‘blond’ hydrocarbon synthetic polymer modified bitumen, we can design a high-performance Duracolour material in line the objectives of the pavement requirements. 
Duracolour Coated Chippings 

Our Duracolour Coated Chipping can be employed to give conventional hot-rolled asphalt a cost-effective colour demarcation and enhancement as well as increased durability. The aggregate is coated to the desired colour and the chippings are simply rolled into the surface at the time of laying. 

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