Kent Railway Station, New Entrance Building & Subway, Cork

Project Details

  • Client: Iarnród Éireann
  • Engineer: Iarnród Éireann / Varming Consulting Engineers
  • Architect: Iarnród Éireann
  • Value: €3.4m
  • Year: 2017

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The project involved the construction of a new entrance building and subway connected to the existing station and subway. THis created a new southern entrance to the station to provide improved and more efficient links for pedestrians, cyclists and general public to the city centre as well as an improved bus interchange.

Specifically the works included the formation of two openings in the external curved  brick station wall, which is over 120 years old.
A new concrete underpass structure was then built to pass underneath rail lines, outside the existing station, and connect into the station through these new openings.
Underneath platform 5 modifications were made to the existing station subway and ramps to facilitate the construction of a stairway linking the new underpass with the existing subway.
The existing passenger lift was removed, the shaft demolished and a new lift shaft constructed on the outside of the existing building. This provided access from the new building, via the new underpass, into the existing station and platforms.

The main civil and structural works included:
- Establishment, reporting and removal of detailed and extensive live feedback track & structure vibration and movement monitoring,
- Location and removal of existing services and utilities,
- Underpinning and brick stitching to sections of the existing station building,
- Secant piling and tie back anchors,
- Permeation grouting,
- Excavations and dewatering,
- Reinforced concrete structures, slabs, walls and ground beams,
- Waterproofing, tanking and internal drainage system,
- Limestone & sandstone external cladding,
- Vitreous enamel internal cladding,
- Glazed curtain walling
- Granite floor tiling
- Passenger lift installation
- Mechanical and electrical fit-out
- Realignment of the existing pedestrian fencing within the station
- Bespoke stainless steel fixtures and finishes