SIAC strives to exceed customer expectations of Delivery, Quality and Value.

SIAC Roofing and Cladding offer extensive professional services in building facades. We specialise in glazing, roofing abd cladding installation, extensions, upgrades, repairs and refurbishments.

In line of these services, we provide our clients a comprehensive building facades Annual Preventive Maintenance Services to maximize the lifespan of their tangible assets and avoid unplanned downtime due to building problems. Part of our services, we offer free of charge a professional extensive roofing and cladding survey and roof leak detection.

SIAC Roofing and Cladding’s technical and experienced team will provide your company with a first class service combined with extremely competitive value. We operate a 24 hours call out service to facilitate the resolution of any problems on the external facade of the building.

Our Preventive Maintenance services includes:

  • Annual Maintenance Inspection
  • Cleaning – Roofs & Gutters
  • Cleaning Facades
  • 24 hours call out – Emergency service
  • All Roofing & Cladding repair works

Annual Inspections

Property and business owners today recognise the importance and value of the investment they have made in protecting the building and its contents from water damage.

SIAC annual maintenance services validate the manufacturer’s guarantee and help elongate the life span of your building. This in turn mitigates against any possible insurance claims which may arise due to lack of up-keep, thus extending the longitivity of the building while at the same time giving you peace of mind, ensuring a lasting investment in your home or business.

SIAC Annual Inspection includes the following scope: see roofing and facade

Roof Leaks, Inspections and Repair

Roofing & Cladding water leaks presents multiple challenges for business and homeowners. This can lead to significant damage to interior property that affects the business and frustration of home owners. SIAC provides a detail service from water leaks detection, detail inspection survey and repair of roof leaks.

Roof Upgrades

SIAC provides various options of roof upgrades that will suit to customer’s requirements.

Re-roofing your existing office building or home will present you with some appealing opportunities if you want to reduce maintenance and unnecessary expenses for the years to come.

SIAC is a licensed Roofing Contractor for PVC, Felt, Cold Applied Liquid Membrane and Insulated metal roofs.


Any roof system will not last forever, but the service life of a roof may be optimised by performing scheduled and routine cleaning and timely repairs.

SIAC provides scheduled annual roofing and facade cleaning services that will validate the manufacturer’s guarantee and help elongate the life span of your building by eliminating any possible damage due to poor housekeeping.

Emergency Call outs

SIAC provides a 24 hour emergency call out service for all roofing & cladding problems. Call now on 021 431 1322 / 086 832 2984.


SIAC offers a new and comprehensive service in roof leak detection using advance electronic technology. With our experienced and trained personnel, SIAC works to pin point the accuracy with no-invasive methods in finding all types of roof leaks to avoid unnecessary property damage.

In doing the roof leaks detection, SIAC use two types of testing system.

Electrical Earth Leakage Testing – ‘Dry’ Method

Damaged on Roof Membrane that direct to water ingress can be located by using “Electrical Earth Leakage Testing Dry Method”, the testing equipment is suitable for all roofs constructed with conductive materials and roof built up with metal decking.

The waterproof membrane can be tested for pinholes, cuts and membrane that de-lap due to defective welding. The test equipment introduces a stabilized direct current over the dry roof membrane which will pinpoint defects that will allow water to enter into the roof construction.

Flat Roof Thermography

Infrared thermography used as a non-destructive method for leak detection in flat roofs. Using a thermal camera the roof can be scanned and it will monitor the difference in the temperature between wet and dry insulation and water ingress. This will identify leaks and areas which may require further investigation.