Martin Maher

Martin Maher Chief Executive Officer

Martin Maher CEO – Bs (Hons) Engineering, MBA, CMgr MCMI. 

Martin joined SIAC in 1988 and over the following 28 years has been involved in most of SIAC's larger projects in roads and bridges. 

He was involved in the successful delivery of some of Irelands largest PPP motorway Programmes. Martin was appointed as managing director of SIAC Construction Ltd. in August 2008 following his earlier appointment to the board of SIAC in April 2007 with director responsibility for major projects.

He was appointed chief operations officer to the SIAC Group in 2012 and to the role of CEO in November 2013 and has responsibility for all aspects of the Companies portfolio which includes Civil Engineering and Building works, Roofing and Cladding, Paving and sub¬contract divisions.