Quality Assurance

Our management systems aim to exceed the requirements of the international quality assurance standard ISO 9001:2008.

These management systems ensure that clients’ requirements are met and that this can be demonstrated at any point in a project. Each business unit has been independently accredited to the standard. In addition to rigorous external auditing by independent accreditation bodies, there is an on-going process of internal auditing at project and head-office level.

As part of this process we formally assess our suppliers and sub-contractors to ensure that the service they provide is also in compliance with our clients' requirements. 

We are constantly adapting our processes and procedures in response to the changing business climate and the development our business units. Senior management is committed to developing staff through a formal programme of continuous professional development (CPD), which is itself subject to external oversight by the relevant professional bodies.

The scope of SIAC Construction Ltd’s accreditation is for  “Civil engineering, civil engineering design, design and construction of buildings. Production of asphalt mixes and the Installation of slipform concrete.”

The scope of SIAC Roofing and Cladding Ltd. accreditation is for the "Design, purchase and installation of roofing and cladding".

Both companies are working towards accreditation to ISO9001: 2015.

View our BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Certificate below:

NQA BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Certificate (Valid till November 2017)